A new simple recorder, designed for smart functionality, intuitive operation, and one-touch recording

This simple and easy to use recorder can be used for recording memos, reviewing lessons, practicing singing, and more. As the latest in the VN series, it inherits ease of use, simple operability and easy-to-see screen display. The recorder incorporates one-touch direct recording to allow you to start recording with a simple slide of a switch. A micro USB connector also enables easy connection with your PC. The VN-541PC is ideal for anyone looking for simple and easy recording.


How To Buy

Olympus Professional Dictation products are available exclusively through our network of Certified Dealer Partners. Present in all 50 states and Canada, our dealers are trained in configuring the most efficient and cost-effective dictation and transcription solutions.


Optimum recording with simple operation

Recording can be started by simply sliding a switch. From study to hobby, this new recorder brings simple and intuitive recording for a variety of applications.

Clear playback and file management

Even voice recorded in a noisy location can be played back clearly when you use the noise cancellation function. An intuitive and simple folder structure makes it easier to find your recordings, and a file lock function is included to protect files from deletion. This recorder enables smart management of your recording files.


Built for high quality performance and convenient functionality, the VN-541PC is a highly regarded addition to the VN series.



  1. Microphone jack
  2. Earphone jack
  3. Built-in microphone
  4. Display
  5. Index / Repeat button
  6. LED indicator light
  7. Power / hold button
  8. Recording scene / folder / noise cancel button
  9. REC switch
  10. + button
  11. PLAY / Pause button
  12. Fast forward button
  13. – button
  14. Erase button
  15. Rewind button
  16. Built-in speaker


Recording/Playback formats

  • Recording/Playback formats: WMA format

Sampling frequency

  • WMA 32 kbps: 44.1 kHz
  • WMA 16 kbps: 22.05 kHz
  • WMA 5 kbps: 8 kHz

Maximum working output

  • Maximum working output: 200 mW (8 Ω speaker)

Maximum output voltage

  • Recorder: ≦ 150 mV (according to EN 50332-2)

Recording media

  • Internal NAND flash memory: 4 GB

* Some recording media memory capacity is used as a management area, so the actual usable capacity will always be slightly less than the displayed capacity.


  • Built-in 20 mm diameter round dynamic speaker

Microphone jack

  •  3.5 mm diameter; Impedance: 2 kΩ

Earphones jack

  • 3.5 mm diameter; Impedance: 8 Ω minimum

Power source

  • Two AAA dry cell batteries (model LR03)

External dimensions

  • 108 × 37.5 × 20 mm (Not including largest projection)


  • 67 g (including battery)

Operating temperature

  • 0 to 42°C (32 to 107.6°F)

Frequency response (During recording)

  • MEMO: 200 Hz to 7 kHz
  • TALK: 200 Hz to 13 kHz
  • MUSIC: 40 Hz to 13 kHz
  • LP: 200 Hz to 3 kHz

Frequency response (During playback)

  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz (The upper and lower limit values of the frequency response depend on each recording format.)

Battery life

  • TALK : When recording with built-in microphone 52 hours (approx.), During speaker playback 21 hours (approx.), During earphone playback 45 hours (approx.)
  • MUSIC: When recording with built-in microphone 52 hours (approx.), During speaker playback 21 hours (approx.), During earphone playback 45 hours (approx.)
  • MEMO: When recording with built-in microphone 52 hours (approx.), During speaker playback 22 hours (approx.), During earphone playback 46 hours (approx.)
  • LP: When recording with built-in microphone 60 hours (approx.), During speaker playback 23 hours (approx.), During earphone playback 46 hours (approx.)

*The battery life figures shown here were determined using an Olympus test method. Actual battery life figures will vary greatly according to the battery used and usage conditions (Changing the playback speed or using the Noise Cancel function may affect the battery life).

Recording Time

  • TALK/MUSIC (WMA 32 kbps) 251 hours (approx.)
  • MEMO (WMA 16 kbps) 495 hours (approx.)
  • LP (WMA 5 kbps) 1570 hours (approx.)

*Actually available recording times may be shorter than the figures shown here when making short recordings repeatedly (Equipment displays of available/elapsed recording times should be considered guideline values).

Maximum recording time per file

  • WMA 32 kbps: 26 hours, 40 minutes (approx.)
  • WMA 16 kbps: 53 hours, 40 minutes (approx.)
  • WMA 5 kbps: 148 hours, 40 minutes (approx.)

*Note that voice recorder specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice for performance improvements or other upgrading.


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